E.ON Connecting Energies (E.ON) selected leading national engineering specialist, SES Engineering Services (SES) to deliver M&E design and installation services on the largest trigeneration (CCHP) project to be undertaken by E.ON in the UK. The scheme comprises design, supply and installation of new power, steam, low temperature hot water (LTHW) and chilled water generation plant.

This project has been a great opportunity to showcase SES’ technical engineering expertise and collaborative approach. The project also saw SES acting as the principal contractor on an extension to the bottling plant in Rugby which is operated by a major soft drinks manufacturer. Further to the M&E work that was carried out on the extension, SES was responsible for overseeing the associated building works and the interconnection of the building services to the existing building.

The works focused mainly on supplying renewable power sources to the plant, consisting of substantial high voltage (HV) power and protection improvements and upgrading the 60-year old boiler system for more efficient steam energy generation.  All works were delivered to ensure no interruption to the manufacturing and bottling processes.

The new energy centre is capable of generating in excess of 9MWe electricity and 34T steam for drinks processing. The project is a true reflection of engineering excellence.

This major energy services project benefitted from SES’ innovative pre-construction engineering and its adaption of a new and enhanced approach to digital engineering combined with its bespoke offsite manufacturing facility, Prism.

Through innovative offsite and digital techniques, this incredibly complex project was delivered with no disruption to the existing plant’s operation, while making the facility much more energy efficient, resilient to local power grid performance and sustainable for the future.

Insisting on the installation of works such as RUPS helped ensure robust protection for the plant’s electrical energy transformers and chokes, which will prevent unacceptable/disastrous voltage dips and sags when large electrical process loads are turned on, and ultimately, futureproof the facility for years to come.

The energy centre was commissioned in late 2018 and completed in April 2019, this type of project is an excellent example of SES’ technical expertise and collaborative approach, employed on every project.