Get support to help with the impact of Coronavirus on your business


In response to the challenges businesses are facing during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government has created a bespoke Business Support Finder. Here, you can find out about the financial support available, including:

  • Loans, tax relief and cash grant
  • Keeping your employees and the workplace safe
  • Help for the self-employed.


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Supporting our drive to make SES ENGINEERING SERVICES the SPECIALIST cONTRACTOR of choice


At SES Engineering Services (SES) we recognise the importance of having a fully engaged and committed supply chain that is capable of working with us to deliver projects to our high quality standards; and which is aligned to our business priorities and values. We put significant focus on ensuring we have the right supply chain that supports our drive to make SES the specialist contractor of choice.


Our Approach


As you would expect SES has a very clear and consistent approach to the way we manage our supply chain as we understand the importance of developing collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships. To us, regular communication with a focus on face-to-face meetings is key to ensuring engagement of our supply chain. Developing long term successful relationships enables SES to deliver value to our customers and supports our approach to position SES as the specialist contractor of choice for our supply chain now and for the future.

At SES our supply chain is a fundamental part of our team as we believe that teamwork is a critical success factor for us on our projects.

What you can expect when you work with SES:

  • An open and honest approach
  • A willingness to listen to new ideas and ways of working
  • A commitment to meet our agreed contractual timescales
  • Weekly site meetings with the supply chain enabling 360 degree feedback
  • Professional sites with excellent facilities