We believe in creating collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our stakeholders including suppliers, sub-contractors and our customers.

We have a robust supply chain that includes the ‘SES Critical Friends and Family’ listing that is accessible by everyone in SES. Our partnering ethos is further developed through our supplier days where an open forum captures learning requirements expressed through open dialogue.

To us, regular communication with a focus on face to face meetings is key to ensuring engagement of our supply chain. Developing long term successful relationships enables SES to deliver value to our customers and supports our approach to position SES as the customer of choice for our supply chain … now and for the future.

At SES our supply chain is a fundamental part of our team as we believe that teamwork is a critical success factor for us on our projects.

In 2018, SES held a number of supplier innovation days to showcase the latest products, services and solutions available in the industry.