The Sandwell Aquatics Centre was initially constructed to host one of the most significant international sporting events of 2022, The Commonwealth Games. However, the vision behind the project extended beyond a temporary venue for the games. The objective was to create a lasting legacy for the local community and turn the Aquatics Centre into a vibrant and inclusive facility.

The Sandwell Aquatics Centre aimed to be more than just a leisure facility; it aimed to be inclusive and foster excellence in sports. For the first time, aspiring swimmers and divers in the area found a dedicated centre of excellence where they could train for future competitions without compromising their living arrangements or travelling long distances. This created a nurturing environment for budding athletes, instilling a sense of pride within the community and inspiring future generations.

Wates appointed SES to deliver a £13M M&E package to include the installation of:

  • 5km of sub mains cabling
  • 5km of primary containment
  • 2000 luminaires*
  • 2MW of heating to support the 5,000m3 of pool water heating and general building heating
  • 2330m2 of underfloor heating

The project team worked closely with local organisations like Think Sandwell, Sandwell College, and local schools, providing work placements, mentoring and encouraging careers in construction and M&E engineering.