The sector SES finds itself in is seen by some as slow moving with limited immediate impact, due to the fact it can sometimes take years for some projects to come to fruition. In Knight’s experience, however, this is the exception rather than the rule, and delivering complex projects that meet the needs and demands of each stakeholder, to the highest standard, is what he prides himself on…

SES has been very successful over the years in demonstrating its knowledge, experience and understanding of the co-ordination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services to multiple and diverse sectors across the UK.

As a new decade begins, SES is looking to future trends and believes the wider energy sector will experience significant transformation as we all become more environmentally conscious. Aided by BIM (Building Information Modelling) and its associated processes to create cost and efficiency savings, programme certainty and greater collaboration, the company has established a strong footing for future projects.


Through these processes SES has seen the successful delivery of Drax Power Station’s Biomass Conversion, supporting the UK’s largest-ever coal-to-sustainable-biomass conversion with a MEP value of £65m. The company has also delivered for the Greater Manchester Waste Authority, covering twenty separate sites across the Manchester area, dealing with 1.1 million tonnes of waste produced per annum, with a MEP value of £20m.

With this accrued knowledge of the sector, SES has been successful in securing several more projects within the energy industry, including Margam Green Energy Plant, near Port Talbot, South Wales. Completed in 2018, the 40MW biomass power plant is capable of processing 250,000 tonnes of waste wood per annum – including contaminated wood – with no pre-treatment. It can also process solid municipal waste converting this into a fuel source in the future.

SES has several key projects in the pipeline for the near future, including many in the quickly-evolving energy sector. As old coal-fired generators close we will see more conversions to biomass or greener, more sustainable energy plants. These projects come in the form of energy-from-waste, combined heat and power, and flexible generation facilities. It’s an exciting time for the M&E sector and SES Engineering Services, and a challenge that the company and its staff are all incredibly fired up to deliver.