February 8th marks the start of National Apprenticeship Week, an annual event celebrating the importance of apprenticeships to both employers and individuals across the UK.

They play a vital role in bridging skills gaps, helping individuals better their career and allow employers to nurture talent from the ground up.

Here, we shine a light on one of our own apprentices, Joseph Maggs, who is one of our first BIM apprentices and works from our York office.

At the age of 33 with a wife and a mortgage, Joe decided to take the leap and retrain with an apprenticeship. After leaving school at the age of 17, Joe had drifted between jobs in his twenties. It wasn’t until he was inspired by a client during his role in construction recruitment that he decided to switch industries.

For Joe, an apprenticeship offered the chance to access a role in a sector he’d always dreamed of working in. Now, Joe is working at SES while studying for an NVQ Level Three in Built Environment Design, a course which lifts the lid on the latest technologies and offers insights into digital ways of working, mechanical engineering and Building Information Modelling.

Commenting on his decision to take on an apprenticeship in later life, Joe said:

“I’d always had a passion for the technical aspects of construction engineering, but with no formal training or even a degree, I’d assumed that a career in the industry was out of the question.

“The apprenticeship has offered insight into the latest cutting-edge developments and has shown me that SES is already way ahead of the curve.

“The future of construction is constantly evolving, and technologies such as VR/AR, BIM and smart buildings are paving the way forward. Dedicating my career to digital engineering means I can be part of this evolution, and the potential opportunities available to me will be huge.

“Until I started learning about tech in construction, I had no idea such roles even existed, but the diversity of disciplines in the sector is pretty much unrivalled. It’s not only about what happens on a building site – there’s so much that happens behind the scenes.”

Joseph Maggs
BIM Technician, SES Engineering Services

Steve Joyce, Managing Director at SES Engineering Services said:

“At SES, we’ve always been strong advocates of apprenticeships and we take pride in our support of young talent. Our apprentices regularly prove themselves to be motivated, forward-thinking and willing to learn, and Joe is no exception.

“The fact that BIM and Digital Engineering apprenticeships are now widely available is testament to how fast the industry is developing, and it’s more important than ever that we recruit talent that is fully versed in the latest technology.

“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and it’s vital that we tap into the wealth of talent available, helping them learn about the latest technologies while forging a career with the firm.

“Apprenticeships really are a “win-win” for everyone involved. They offer individuals the ability to learn essential skills while on the job, and as an employer, they allow us to develop and nurture candidates from day one.”

Steve Joyce
Managing Director, SES Engineering Services