The health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, our employees, and the wider public has always been our top priority and we are taking the coronavirus outbreak extremely seriously. In response, we have implemented a number of protocols across the Group to safeguard our people and our operations.

We are continuing to operate our sites as usual, in compliance with government health advice. Existing protocols established with our supply chain to ensure continuity of supply of essential materials have been reviewed and extended to those regions most impacted by the virus including Italy and China. We are now focused on devising mitigation plans to ensure that, as far as possible, we can progress on projects, for example, by finding alternative sources of those materials in short supply.

As well as ensuring the security of materials, we are conscious of the need to maintain security of labour on our active sites. At this time, none of our sites have any recorded cases of coronavirus, however we are planning for all eventualities, and that includes the minimum level of personnel required for operating our sites and offices safely and implementing flexible working practices.

We continue to advise colleagues on symptoms to look out for and we are sharing government guidance on preventative measures to minimise risk of infection. As a precautionary measure, we have cancelled any large-scale meetings or events for the foreseeable future but will keep this under review as the situation evolves.

In the event that we are impacted more directly further measures will be taken as part of Business Continuity planning, including limiting access to sites and offices.